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Asphalt shingle roofing offers numerous advantages that make it a popular choice for homeowners in Atlanta. With its affordability, versatility, and ease of installation, asphalt shingles provide an excellent option for those looking for a cost-effective yet durable roofing solution. SSR Roofing specializes in providing professional asphalt shingle roof replacement and repairs in Atlanta. As a trusted Atlanta roofing company, we understand the unique needs of homeowners when it comes to asphalt shingle roofing.

Experience the difference of working with Atlanta’s premier asphalt shingle roofing experts. Contact us today to schedule a roof inspection for your next asphalt roof replacement! We are also experts in metal roofing.

Brands We Work With

At SSR Roofing, we believe in offering the best for our customers, which is why we work with top-notch brands in the roofing industry. Our partnerships with Owens Corning, GAF, and CertainTeed enable us to deliver superior quality shingles that not only provide excellent protection but also elevate the aesthetics of your home.

Types of Asphalt Shingle Roofs We Install

Three-tab Asphalt Shingles

Three-tab asphalt shingles are a cost-effective and popular choice for homeowners seeking reliable roofing solutions. Their classic appearance and straightforward installation make them a practical option for many homes.

Architectural Asphalt Shingles

Architectural asphalt shingles, also known as dimensional or laminated shingles, offer a more textured and layered appearance, mimicking the look of wood or slate. These shingles enhance the visual appeal of your home while providing enhanced durability and longevity.

Premium Asphalt Shingles

Premium asphalt shingles are the epitome of elegance and performance. With innovative designs and advanced technology, these shingles deliver exceptional protection against harsh weather conditions and add a touch of luxury to your home.

Impact Resistant Shingles

Impact resistant asphalt shingles are engineered to withstand the harshest elements, such as hail and strong winds. These shingles offer peace of mind, protecting your investment and ensuring your home remains safe and secure during extreme weather events.

The Advantages of Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Here are the top reasons why Atlanta homeowners choose asphalt shingles are their choice of roofing material:

  • Affordable: Asphalt shingles are a cost-effective roofing option, providing excellent value for money.
  • Variety: With a wide range of colors, styles, and textures, asphalt shingles offer versatility to match any architectural design.
  • Durability: Asphalt shingles are known for their durability, standing up to various weather conditions and providing long-lasting protection.
When you choose SSR Roofing, you are not just choosing a roofing company, but a partner that genuinely cares about your home. Our passion for providing high-quality work and our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction make us the top choice for all your residential roofing needs. Don’t settle for less – experience the SSR Roofing difference today. Give us a call and let’s kick off your roofing experience with a thorough roof inspection!