4 Common Spring Roof Problems in Atlanta

As the weather gets warmer, you’ll probably start spring cleaning to help your home recover from the winter cold. Along with sprucing up your home’s interior, you must also pay attention to the outside, especially your roof.  Cold temperatures and winter debris can wear it down. Look for these common spring roof problems while maintaining your Atlanta home to keep it in excellent condition this season.

Damaged or Missing Shingles

With technological advancements in the roofing world, roofs last longer than ever. But even with the strongest shingles we’ve ever seen, every roof will need maintenance to ensure it lasts as long as possible. And this is even more true with the harsh winter weather we’ve seen this past year. If any shingles are missing, damaged, curled, warped, or cracked, you will want to ensure you are fixing and replacing these issues as soon as possible.

Worn Membranes

The layer under your roof’s shingles or tiles is called the membrane. And this membrane can erode with the increased moisture and changing temperatures that the spring season brings. Because the membrane is one of the most important parts of your roof to keep water out of your property, you need to pay special attention to its state when looking at your roof after winter.

If there are brown, puddle-shaped spots on your ceiling or walls or excessive moisture anywhere, you should call a professional to fix any issues you may have. Water damage is one of the biggest problems your roof can have, so you’ll want to get that taken care of before a minor issue becomes a major problem.

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Gutter Issues

Your gutters are one of the most important parts of your roofing system. All that melting snow on your roof needs a way off and away from your foundation, and the gutters provide that route. If your gutters can’t drain, the water will get off your roof, usually through the membrane and into your home. You might also deal with foundational damage if water is allowed to pool. And because cleaning the gutters is a relatively simple job, you’ll be kicking yourself if this is where you run into problems, so don’t forget to complete this every spring!

Chimney Damage

Your chimney likely takes a beating during the winter. If you have a particularly old property, it may have cracks and crevices that can make the situation worse. After a snowstorm, water can seep into the openings. That moisture will eventually become solid again as temperatures drop, causing the chimney’s structure to change.

This process can be trouble for your chimney and roof as a whole. The structure could crumble, leading to roof damage in that area. Be sure to properly care for the chimney so you can deal with as few issues as possible come springtime.

Nesting Animals

You’ll see less wildlife activity outside when the cold weather arrives around November and December. Most animals seek warmer environments during the winter — and homes are the perfect locations. If you see openings in the roofing or siding, you could find some wild critters have made their way in. Keep an eye and ear out for signs that point to an infestation. These hints include strange noises, animal droppings, and pest sightings. There may also be issues with insects like ants and termites, which resurface in the spring and can cause further damage.

After removing the pests from the property, you must determine how they got inside. That’s usually due to structural issues, which must be addressed sooner rather than later. Otherwise, you’ll continue to have the same problems.

spring roof problems, spring roof damage


Our team at SSR Roofing has everything necessary to handle your spring roofing issues in the Great Falls area. We’ll handle any roofing project, from simple storm damage repairs to complete replacements. As one of the top roof repair companies in Atlanta, we’ll ensure your roof stays in good condition so that it continues to protect your home for years to come. Call us today or contact us for a free quote.