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3 Common Reasons Atlanta Residents Replace Their Roofs

What are the common reasons that Atlanta residents replace their roofing? As a homeowner in Atlanta, it’s vital to ensure that your roofing is sturdy and is effectively protecting you and your loved ones from the weather. Maybe your roofing has had some recurring issues, but you aren’t sure if it’s time to take the plunge. So, how do you know when to replace a roof?

Below, we will discuss 3 common roof replacement reasons for Atlanta residents and why you should consider having a new roof installed by SSR Roofing. 

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The Most Common Reasons Atlanta Residents Replace Their Roofs

Storm Damage & Other Issues

One of the most prevalent reasons that residents in Atlanta replace their roofing is because it has sustained significant storm damage. Depending on the time of year, Atlanta is prone to hot and humid temperatures, hail, harsh winds, and tornadoes. These weather conditions can cause high levels of damage to your roofing and home and it’s important to have damage repaired as soon as possible to prevent the damage from getting worse. 

Aging Atlanta Roof 

Replacing an old and deteriorated roofing is another common roof replacement reason for Atlanta residents. Typically, you can expect your asphalt shingle roof to last around 20 years in the Atlanta climate. Over time, general wear and tear and a lack of required maintenance can cause your roof to crack, become brittle, and wear down. If you’ve started noticing leaks, irregular temperatures, and pest infestations, it’s time to schedule an inspection with a professional roofing company to check in on your roof’s condition.

Poor Craftsmanship

Last, but not least, residents in Atlanta will sometimes replace their roofing due to issues from previous workmanship on their homes. Hiring a reputable and professional roofing company is vital because subpar work on your home can cause a plethora of issues down the line for your roofing. This poor workmanship can range from poorly installed flashing and improper ventilation to incorrectly performed repairs and unaligned shingles. You could be experiencing a leaking roof, structural damage, an uneven roof, or moisture build-up.

roof replacement reasons in Atlanta

SSR Roofing: Your Trusted Roofing Company 

Hiring a local and reputable company will make all the difference when it comes to receiving durable and personalized roofing solutions that will provide you with many years of protection. If you have any questions about the best time to have your roof replaced, we are here to help! 

SSR Roofing is proud to serve the Atlanta community with high-quality workmanship, thoughtful customer service, and durable and tailored roofing solutions. At SSR Roofing, we are committed to roofing excellence and giving each project the attention to detail that it deserves. Our roofing team is highly skilled and ready to answer any questions that you have and help you find the best solutions for your Atlanta residence. Call us today to learn more about having a roof replacement! 

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