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Based on the fact that your home is the place where you spend most of your time, you need to ensure that it feels safe and secure at all times. However, some of the biggest problems you’ll ever deal with in your home are roof-related. Remember, all roofs fail at some point, but all responsible homeowners can increase the lifespan of their roofing system. One of the best ways you can do this is by getting a professional roofing inspection at least twice every year.

A roofing inspection will help you identify any minor issues and have them repaired before they can worsen. Since a professional roof inspection checks the condition of your entire roof, it will also help you determine whether the roof damage needs repair or a complete replacement.

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Here are the things you should have checked during a roof inspection or roof repair:

You Attic’s Ventilation

One of the first things that a roofing contractor should check when they arrive for a roof inspection or repair is the attic. Remember, heat and moisture tend to build very quickly on the attic, so it’s very important to have it checked to ensure that it can properly breathe. The roofer needs to check whether the ridge vents and louvers are blocked.

Your attic should be properly ventilated at all times because if it is not, your roof is going to experience some serious problems. When your attic isn’t properly ventilated, the trapped cold and hot air is going to shorten your roof’s lifespan rapidly.

The Condition of Your Roof’s Decking

When the roofing contractor gets on the roof for a roof repair or inspection, they will take notice of the roof’s decking. They’re going to test whether walking on your roof feels like walking on a spongy surface. If this is the case, it means that your roof’s deck is weakening from excess moisture. The roofer will also check whether the nails on the decking are holding as firmly as they’re supposed to.

However, it’s very important to note that the roofing contractor can’t always tell whether your roof’s deck is in bad condition by simply walking on it. Sometimes they have to check its condition after the shingles have been torn off. If your roof’s decking is damaged in any way, then the roofer will have to replace that section during the roof replacement.

Your Gutters

Generally, no roofing system is complete without properly functioning gutters and downspouts. Your gutter system needs to drain your roof and prevent water from seeping into your siding and foundation. During a roof repair or inspection, the roofing contractor is going to check the integrity of both the downspouts and gutters to ensure that none of them have any cracks or open seams.

Additionally, they also look for any blockages and obstructions that might be restricting the free flow of water from your roof. Therefore, you need to clear them of debris and vegetation regularly. The roofer is also going to check your gutters for standing water. If there is any, it means that the gutters might be tilted in the wrong direction, and they ought to be fixed.

Your Roof Flashing

During a roof inspection or repair, the roofer should also check the flashing. Remember, flashing is installed in places such as valleys, eaves, and around chimneys to help prevent excess moisture from getting under the shingles or the underlayment.

Flashing does this by directing the water that falls into the gutter system and far away from your home. The roofing contractor will check the flashing to ensure that it isn’t rusted and that it will still hold up against harsh weather conditions and keep your home as dry as possible.

Your Roof Shingles

As a homeowner, you need to understand that the roofing shingles are not just there to make your home look beautiful on the outside. They also make up the outer layer of your roof that protects your home from extreme weather conditions and temperature variations. Additionally, the right kind of shingles will also help ensure your home’s indoor temperature is more bearable and enhance the ventilation throughout your home.

However, if these shingles were not installed properly, you’re not going to get the full lifespan from them. During a roof repair or inspection, the roofer will check whether any nails are driven sideways that could be causing unnecessary bumps. They’ll also look for more obvious signs like whether the shingles are cracked, missing, blistering, or even loose.

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